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Head of King John

Head of King John

Outside of museums, some of the best historical artefacts in the UK can be found in churches…

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Bust of John Frost

Bust of John Frost

There are many wonderful displays in Welsh museums. And, many of them represent the exciting years of…

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Preaching Cross in Newport Museum

Preaching Cross in Newport Museum

If you’ve looked at my post about scanning the bust of John Frost, you’ll know that the…

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Caerleon Roman Attis head carving

Caerleon Attis Head carving

Caerleon is a very important Welsh town, being well known for its’ Roman heritage including the remains…

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Roman carved stone head in Lancaster Museum

Lancaster Museum Roman Head

Lancaster, in northwestern England, has a long and fascinating history. And it saw its’ fair share of…

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Lickey Water Trough

Lickey Water Trough

Lickey is a lovely little village atop Lickey Hills, south of Birmingham in England. It has some…

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Clent Hills Four Stones

Clent Hills Four Stones

One of the strangest, but most quintessential, aspects of the English countryside are the follies built, for…

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Head of the Monmouth Walk sculpture

Monmouth Walk Sculpture

There are many statues and sculptures around the United Kingdom. However, many are old and often of…

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A Promise Honoured

A Promise Honoured

As with most places around the world, the United Kingdom has many memorials to those who fell…

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The Refugee Chichester Cathedral

The Refugee

As long as there is war, hunger and greed in our world there will likely always be…

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