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The modified code in OpenSCAD

OpenSCAD with ezDXF and Python3

The exciting thing about coding is we can create 3D models parametrically: that is, we can change…

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Winchester Westgate Museum gargoyle

Winchester Westgate Museum gargoyle

There are a number of gargoyles (according to Wikipedia, a carved grotesque form intended to route water…

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Hairy pigs head (painted PLA)

Hairy pigs head

This is just a fun 3D model of a hairy pigs head. Not much more than that…

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Tropical fantasy fish (painted PLA)

Tropical fantasy fish

This is a fun 3D model of half a tropical-looking fish. Not much more than that can…

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Door puller printed in PLA

Door puller

Door handles, and anything else you need to pull, are important transmission points for viruses and bacteria….

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Sixth Earl of Plymouth Monument

Sixth Earl of Plymouth Monument

It often surprises me that so many wonderful old monuments are tucked away, only visible to those…

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Beacon Hill Castle

Beacon Hill Castle

Contrary to it’s name, Beacon Hill Castle isn’t really a castle: it’s a monument and toposcope with…

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Lickey Water Trough

Lickey Water Trough

Lickey is a lovely little village atop Lickey Hills, south of Birmingham in England. It has some…

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