Star Corps Troll-Class Spaceship

The 1970s were a great time for science fiction film and television. There was ‘Star Trek‘, ‘Star Wars‘, ‘Space 1999‘, ‘Battlestar Galactica‘, proper ‘Doctor Who‘, ‘Buck Rogers in the 25th Century‘ and many, many more. But for fans of the late great Kenny Everett there will always be one more sci-fi hero to remember: Captain Elvis Brandenburg Kremmen of the Star Corps! He was known for roaming the galaxy defending earth from rather strange aliens, sometimes on the radio, sometimes in cartoon books and sometimes even in animated form as part of the Kenny Everett Video Show. So I decided to remember Kremmen by making a fan-art 3D model of a Troll ship, as used by him in the animated cartoons produced for the video show by Cosgrove Hall Films (who also made Danger Mouse and Count Duckula).

Troll ship and moon graphic
The Troll-class Star Corps spaceship rendered in Blender and composited in Inkscape.

Quick summary of this 3D creation
Overview: A 3D model of a Troll-class Star Corps space ship similar to the one used by Captain Kremmen.
Software used: LibreCAD, OpenSCADBlender.
Intended use: 3D printing with fused-filament (no supports needed) or resin printers.
Download: Thingiverse page, MyMiniFactory page.

The model was designed using LibreCAD, OpenSCAD and Blender with the requirement that it be 3D-printable in fused-filament without the need for any support material. To achieve that all you need to do is print the individual parts at the correct orientation, as illustrated in the image below. You’ll notice that the Troll looks very much like a 1970s cassette player, which is fitting given that Everett was a radio DJ. Also, if you’ve looked at some of the printed Kremmen cartoons you’ll have noticed that this design of Troll ship is a big departure from the other versions, which are much more SciFi inspired. And given that the animated cartoons give few details for 3D designs (and even those change spuriously) I hope you don’t mind that I’ve used quite a bit of artistic license 🙂

The orientation for 3D printing without support material.

After 3D printing, the parts will probably need a little cleaning up and maybe even some light filing or sanding. Then you can assemble the parts, with a little of your preferred glue to help keep them together, and even add some paint if you like. You should then have your very own complete 3D model of a Troll-class space ship just like the one shown below.

The 3D-printed Troll-class space ship.

And if you do 3D print your own Troll-class ship please note that it is not licensed for commercial use, intergallactic invasion or plans for becoming a universe overlord. However, if you want to follow in Kremmen’s footsteps and safeguard the people of Earth with it then that’s fine 🙂