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The head of the Olympian Goddess

Head of Olympian Goddess

Sometimes it seems that modern sculptures based on the ancient Greek style are ubiquitous. So it’s not…

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Cary Grant featured image

Cary Grant statue in Bristol

Who would expect that Bristols’ Millennium Square (in western England) would be home to a statue of…

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Head of Cary Grant

Head of Cary Grant statue in Bristol

In Bristols’ Millennium Square, in western England, there is a statue of the Hollywood legend and heart-throb…

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Hairy pigs head (painted PLA)

Hairy pigs head

This is just a fun 3D model of a hairy pigs head. Not much more than that…

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Women of Steel (right-hand head)

Women of Steel right-hand head

Sheffield has a long tradition of industry, especially in terms of steel: it has sometimes even been…

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Head of King John

Head of King John

Outside of museums, some of the best historical artefacts in the UK can be found in churches…

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Caerleon Roman Attis head carving

Caerleon Attis Head carving

Caerleon is a very important Welsh town, being well known for its’ Roman heritage including the remains…

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Roman carved stone head in Lancaster Museum

Lancaster Museum Roman Head

Lancaster, in northwestern England, has a long and fascinating history. And it saw its’ fair share of…

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Head of the Monmouth Walk sculpture

Monmouth Walk Sculpture

There are many statues and sculptures around the United Kingdom. However, many are old and often of…

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