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The head of the Olympian Goddess

Head of Olympian Goddess

Sometimes it seems that modern sculptures based on the ancient Greek style are ubiquitous. So it’s not…

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Large Podium Frieze

Large podium frieze

The Nereid Monument is an ancient tomb from what is now south-west Turkey. According to Wikipedia it…

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The North Frieze Parthenon Marble

North Frieze Elgin Marble

This is a basic 3D scan of one of the north frieze Parthenon Marbles at the British…

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Alexander the Great at the British Museum

Portrait of Alexander the Great

Alexander III of Macedon was an ancient Greek king who came to his throne in 336 BC,…

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The Cwmbran woman and child sculpture

Woman and Child Sculpture in Cwmbran

If you walk along Monmouth Walk in Cwmbran, South Wales, you’ll come across a wonderful sculpture of…

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